Because We Love Minnesota Sports

We exist to connect Minnesota sports fans

In June of 2013, I Love Minnesota Sports started with a simple question: “Why isn’t there a better way to follow all Minnesota sports teams on Facebook?”

Traditional Minnesota newspapers and radio station pages didn’t have timely enough updates, and they didn’t feature the voices of fans. Then the actual team pages ranged from good to great content, but they only talk about their one team, and they need to put a positive spin on everything.

We believed a more timely, more honest social media fan experience should exist, one that covered all teams in one feed, and let real fan voices rule in good times and bad.

So we created I Love Minnesota Sports and focused completely on connecting Minnesota fans, to each other, and to the best content from all sources.

Before long, some regulars started showing up. And now, we’re growing faster than ever, and over 12,000 fans interact every single week.

It’s been humbling and amazing, and it’s time we take things to another level.


Loyalty has always been at the heart of the best fans. We’re so ready for a winner we can hardly stand it, but the best fans hang in there with their teams.

So to represent that loyalty, we wanted to create an iconic symbol of pride in our state, and in our shared passion for the teams we love. It’s a symbol just as appropriate for a playoff game at Xcel, a tailgate at TCF, or a t-ball game in Maple Grove.

This flag lets everyone know… I love Minnesota sports.

I Love Minnesota Sports Flag



The season’s change, and so do the teams and topics we want to talk about. I Love Minnesota Sports will always be about what us fans care about most in the moment.

So we challenged ourselves to change with the seasons.

For when it’s baseball and football season. 

I Love Minnesota Sports Baseball & Football


Or when it’s really just about football season.


I Love Minnesota Sports Vikings Football


And after all, we are the State of Hockey.


I Love Minnesota Sports Wild Hockey


I Love Minnesota Sports Gopher Hockey


I Love Minnesota Sports Wolves Basketball

And we’ll always love the Twins, even when they make us crazy.


I Love Minnesota Sports Twins Baseball

Because at the end of the day, no matter what season or team, we just love Minnesota sports. So let’s get back to talking about it!

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